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Hello people on the earth hahaha ! Okay first thing when i`m open my blog i will check my shoutbox so yeah so surprisee someone tag me on her post. Hahaha bangga kejap sorry my english so bad so i`ll mix my language like rojak or pasemboq hahaa but not mix like coco-nut uh what so ever. First and foremost thanks so much for Eqkin for tagging on ur post. Actually it long long time ago ada jugak dok kena tag mcm nih seronok jugak jawab soalan-soalan haha tapi duluu-dulu la dah berkurun lama.Sorry lambat :') , so busy namampos sebab hujung sem nk dekat final kan .  Okay let see the question and answer.

1.   If someone insults you, what are you doing?

Nothing. Meroyan kt twitter. Kill them wif kindness hahahaa . Ofcourse la i will angry but i will not to fight the one who insults me. Just ya mybe he/she hate me. So we just keep calm and ignore. People like talking shit without brain sometimes same goes to me so just take it easy and forgive the person. That`s all i can do. 

2. What kind of people do you like ?

The cliche answer mesti cakap baik la jujur la hahaa of course . But for me i like people who are can be strong , higher motivation cause i need them in my life. People with a good vibe, Then i love people that understanding so much much. 

3. Do you judge a person just from external ? 

Depends but our first impression it mostly we judge through external. But for me the internal laaa kan. Because when we judge the person from external that is not enough to show that we know well the person. Sebab luaran kdangkala tak sama mcm dalaman . It not totally same.  

4. What is your greatest strength or weakness ? 

Greatest strength : good listener , penyabar *tp ada had*
Weakness : Too much hahahaa , kuat pendam, i`m don`t talk too much ya pendiam, cepat kesian dekat orang, shy, low self esteem 

5. If you could be any age for a month what age would that be ? 

  Mybe 5 years old. I wanna meet people that had gone forever :') . I miss them so much. ya pray for them . Al Fatihah . On that age is the best age ever. I miss my childhood damn much. 

6.What strange thing have you eaten ? 

Eaten my heart hahahaha . emm eating bunga cengkih haah dem i hate that thing yang adik beradik ngan dia mematikan selera makan tahu bila termakan. 

7.Do you have anyone you go for some advice ? 

 Of course my family, family  first . hihi but sometimes my friend that can understand me. Thanks for them always support me and give advice. I`m still remember and appreciate. But sometimes when no one can`t understand me , the only and one is myself. Tak guna klau dengaq advice dari org lain tp diri sendiri tak ambik the advice tak berubah. Its nothing. 

8. How would your friends describe you ?   
They say i`m look nerd but actually not . Hahhaa pastu depa ingat cheq nih pendiam padahal diam-diam ubi berisi aku tak paham aku tak tanam ubi pun. kk hambar. Then ada juga yg cakap saya tak friendly pada awai-awai ja la pastu dah kenai penat nak layan. Then they say i`m such a cool person. okay that`s all takut sis riak kahkah gurau-gurau. 

9.  If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to cheer you up ? 
Depends hah. But mostly i`m prefer to be left alone. But i love to have someone to cheer me up. But with friends sometimes my badmood can change so fast. Hahaha dem hah english aku  :) 

 10.  What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done and would you do it again?

Too much . Haha okay i got crush on someone when i was form 3 and i give him a present like kemeja not sure hahaa dem i feel what the fish i`m doing mann. But now i`m feel nothing him . Okay do it again NO MORE BABY NO MORE hahaa . Please someone do it the same thing to me *hoping that someone crush on me notice* hahaha entah apa-apa .

  11. Do you believe in second chances ?

Emm yes i do but sometimes nope. Hahaa 

Okay done answer all this question sorry for my bad english and rojak-rojak. Thanks again for tagging me hihi . Okay now my turn to balas demdam balik hahaha gurau-gurau. Okay mari tengok siapa yang kena. 

*   THE LUCKY BLOG HAHAHA *GELAK JAHAT*                                                                 
*  💗  CIKJAJA                                                                                                 
*  💗 FARAH ADILA                                                                                  
💗 SYAHINDAH                                                                                 
*  💗  ANNUREYNARA                                                                            
*  💗  SAPIKAH                                                                           
*  💗 MYRA AZRAFF                                                                         
*  💗  ZAFIRAH NAZRI                                                             
*  💗  SITI SYILAH                                                                                   
*  💗  BELLA                                                                              
*  💗  ILYA SYUHADA                                                                      
*  💗 HUSNARSLI                                                                                 

Okay so here the question
1.  If given the choice to put ur own name, what will u put for ur name ?

2. Mostly ppl will said "Girl/Woman are complicated". Do you agree ? What make them look complicated ?

3. What's the worst thing you ever do in your life ?

4. Love for the first sight do you still believe it nowdays ?

5. If you can be different gender for a week , what the things u really wanted to do ?

6. Are u willing to be silly but beautiful or ugly but clever ? Which one do u choose and why ?

7. Describe the characteristic of the man that u like .

8. If you`re not normal and you fall in with ur friends . Who will be ?

9. What hurt u the most ?

10. Your bad habits .

11. Why are u love blogging ?

Sorry for my bad english . Hope enjoys my question . hahaha i love you all. That`s all thanks you . 💕😙😊


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